Staff Favourites - Stine’s essentials for the summer heat

Staff Favourites - Stine’s essentials for the summer heat


Meet Stine, the latest addition to our Staff Favourites series. She's our Design Assistant and a true multisport enthusiast whose passion extends beyond just running. Stines athletic journey began on the football field. However, after hanging up her cleats, she ventured into everything from crossfit, swimming and yoga. 

Shop some of her favourites for training hereDISCIPLINE, CONNECTION & NECESSITY

For Stine, an active lifestyle is not just a choice, it’s a necessity. She wants to make the most out of her body, as she feels compelled to honor both herself, and those unable to engage in sports.

Training for her is a daily reminder of joy, personal growth and a deeper connection with her own mind. 


As a true Norwegian, Stine cherishes spending time outdoors. She’s drawn to “scenic runs”, as she grew up in a forest environment. Here she developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of trail running. She’s a true viking, and was actually called “Concrete Stine'' by her teammates because no opponent could knock her down.A SOLO JOURNEY

Now Stine’s ready to confront the mental barriers that come with long-distance running. She’s currently training for a half marathon, and for her it’s not about a race or competition. It’s about herself and her inner strengths. She loves training in colours, and some of her summer essentials are colourful pieces from the Pace, Combat & Flow Collection.

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