saysky30-DAYS RETURN

You can return your goods for a full refund within 30 days of placing the order. Please note that general return times to Denmark can be long, as customs clearance is slow when using regular postal services. We recommend that you use courier services such as DHL, UPS or FedEx.


For all returns, please follow these steps:

  • Fill out the return slip that came with your order (you can also download it here).
  • Put it together with the item(s) that you wish to return and clearly mark the package "RETURNED GOODS" and remember to include the original AWB (tracking) number.
  • Check with your shipping provider if a commercial invoice is needed, and if yes, attach it to the package.
  • Please send it to the below address:

Blokken 23
3460 Birkeroed

Please note the below:
  • We highly recommend that you return your order with a traceable service (such as FedEx, UPS or DHL) and hold onto the tracking information until the return has been processed.
  • If you decide to ship with the regular postal system, please allow for anywhere between 7-21 days for the return to arrive at our warehouse.
  • In all cases, please keep your shipment receipt, as this is also your proof with regards to the 30-day return period.
  • There might also be extra costs and delays associated with non-eu orders being returned to our warehouse.


We only offer refunds for returned orders. If you are looking for an exchange, simply return your order for a refund and place a new order. You can contact customer service for a free shipping voucher to use with your new exchange order ( Please note that the return shipping is always at your own expense.


You will receive an email confirmation once we've handled your return. Refunds will be processed within 5-7 bank days after your return has been delivered at our warehouse. Please acknowledge that the actual return delivery time is beyond our control and it depends on your choice of return service.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have used a gift card to pay your order, the amount is always refunded back to the gift card before any balance is paid out.


In cases of product complaints, defects and warranties, please reach out to customer support and remember to state your order number, description of the issue(s) along with any pictures to support your claim: If approved, you'll be provided with a free return label and claims form to fill out. Please always contact customer support, before returning any claims.


The customer reserves the right to return the goods for a full refund within 30 days of placing the order. The following conditions must be in place for a return to be accepted by the goods are returned in the same condition and quantity as when received. The goods are unused other than for the purpose of trying on for fit. If there is evidence to suggest that the goods have been used to a degree such as to decrease the value of the product, the customer loses his/her right to exercise a return. For some goods, the original packaging may constitute part of the value of the good, such as a with our sock packages or underwear. If you breach these, they can no longer be returned. 


When exercising your right to return an item, the shipment is paid for by the customer, unless the order was incorrect or faulty, in which case SAYSKY will provide you with a return label (please contact for a return label). SAYSKY do not refund the return shipping, if you choose not to use the return label. Nor will SAYSKY compensate for returned packages lost in the return shipping. Please always make sure to use tracking services. SAYSKY do not compensate return orders that have gone missing or take damage in transit.