saysky running tribe

Forward together with the worldwide SAYSKY running tribe

Bound together by a passion and love for the sport, we’ll run down the barriers - not limited or defined by pace, ambition, who we are or where we’re from. We’re the worldwide running tribe, a collection of everyday heroes with all the full-time commitments that is life, yet still with an energy and drive to put the hammer down and have fun on the run.

Life and sports are both driven by forward momentum – and best celebrated when shared with others. We’re all in this together, so always remember to look up and pass on those positive vibes to every SAYSKY athlete you meet along the way. 

Keep up with the #saysky worldwide running tribe

SAYSKY was established in Copenhagen in 2013, with a mission to create high performance running wear with an urban and casual attitude

We’re athletes at heart and in life. Our style is Scandinavian, metropolitan, minimalistic, and we have a penchant for urban colours. Our vision is to progress and elevate the apparel scene of running and to nurse the contemporary generation of athletes who are passionate and serious about their sport, yet with a laid-back mindset.

We design high performance products in superior quality, so you can practice your sport – whether you do it for personal ambition, mental well-being, or just letting off some steam.

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