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Merino Base 165 Hat

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Merino Base 165 Scarf/Headband


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SAYSKY running caps and hats for both men and women

SAYSKY running caps and hats are created for running and other sports activities. These are designed for you who want to look cool on your run, but at the same time want to perform your very best. Running caps and running hats have become popular accessories to use, in addition to protecting your eyes from the sun. Use our running caps and hats all year round, and take advantage of our headbands when the temperature really drops.

Our running caps and hats can easily be used when you are not running when you want to create a relaxed and casual style.

Below we have gathered an overview for you, where you can read about: 

  • The material of the caps 
  • The different caps we offer
  • Merino wool hats 
  • Additional information and recommendations 

Features of our caps 

All our running caps are made from 100% polyester, which makes them very breathable and will not irritate your scalp or head while you run. Likewise, all our caps are sweat-wicking, so you can go ahead and wear them even on a hot summer day where your workout seems never-ending.

The material will feel incredibly light against your skin and comfortable to run with - no matter how long your run is. Our running caps are easy to adjust and fit both men and women, and all head sizes. 

Trucker cap, reverse cap, or visor?

On our website, you can find three different types of running caps. Below, we have gathered an overview for you so you can easily navigate through the different kinds of caps we offer to you. 

  • Reverse cap: This very versatile cap is a reversible 5-panel cap, created for you who want a cap that feels light and that you can turn around for a different style. We have designed our reverse caps in many different colors and we know it's hard to pick a favorite! In addition to being incredibly light, you can wash this cap and it also has UV protection when you wear it during the summer.

  • Trucker cap: One of our absolute bestsellers is our classic trucker cap aka the Trail Cap. This running cap is characterized by having a mesh brim around the back to give you the most optimal ventilation. It is called "trucker cap" because it originally was used by American truck drivers who drove long distances and therefore needed a cap with more ventilation.

  • Visor: A great accessory for the summer is our visor. A visor is characterized by only protecting the eyes, as it doesn't have a top. Therefore, this cap only consists of that visor that will be very effective in the sun.

You can find our running caps in different colours and shapes depending on which expression you are looking for. All our running caps are breathable and have UV protection.

Merino wool hats  

If you love to run in the winter and during the fall, when the temperature drops and the days seem shorter, our merino wool accessories will become your new best friend. We have a big selection of running hats and scarfs designed to keep you warm and comfortable even in the harshest conditions. These will ensure fantastic thermal insulation without being unpleasant and uncomfortable to wear.

All our merino wool hats and scarfs are made from 100% Australian merino wool, which will ensure the most optimal heat regulation and breathability. In addition, these are very durable and sweat-wicking, and you can use them again and again. Buy our merino wool collection right here.

Great selection right here

All our running caps and hats are perfect all year round, but especially in the summer when you want to protect your eyes. Create a cool look with these! If you are interested in shopping the rest of our running clothes that we offer on our website, you can do so right here.