saysky athletes

At SAYSKY we like to collaborate with everyday heroes – people who are joggling work, friends, and family, but still have the time and dedication to train hard and have fun along the way. This is the mentality that we celebrate and something our #saysky community can relate to.

All our athletes are great ambassador for the sport of running. This means whether you are training or racing, you will always approach people with a smile and inspire your community - you are not afraid to give a high five and encourage your fellow runners. We are in this together. 

What we offer

We offer apparel sponsorships to the athletes that we collaborate with – usually divided into four annual deliveries, determined by us in accordance with our seasonal collection. You will also get access to a personal discount voucher if you are interested in more items.

How to become a Saysky athlete

To become part of the SAYSKY team, we would love to get to know you a little better and hear about your passion for running and why you want to become a SAYSKY athlete. As part of your application, we would also like to request the following information: 

  • How did you come across SAYSKY
  • Most recent results, PB’s and athletic performances
  • Your social media appearance with a link to an Instagram account or other relevant platforms
  • Future race plans and events

Current benchmark times on the Saysky athlete team:

  • Men: 5k (sub 15 min), 10k (sub 30 min), half (sub 68 min), marathon (sub 2h20m)
  • Women: 5k (sub 18 min), 10k (sub 34 min), half (sub 1h20m), marathon (sub 2h50m) 

Where to apply

If you would like to apply for the SAYSKY Athlete Team or have any questions:

Please note that we receive a lot of sponsorship requests weekly. Therefore, take your time before applying and make sure to cover all the above. We don’t consider standardized or half-hearted applications. 

Keeping up with the SAYSKY athletes

In the meantime, keep up with some of the other passionate SAYSKY athletes and the online Instagram community #sayskyathlete.