Staff Favourites - Christian’s selections for functional training

Staff Favourites - Christian’s selections for functional training

Next up in our staff favourites series is Christian, who is our Warehouse Manager. It's him and his team who take care of all your orders. Before joining SAYSKY, Christian was a personal trainer for over 12 years.

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For Christian, being active is a must to perform at his best, both physically and mentally. His training consists of a good mix of strength training, CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting and running, which he does four to five times a week.  

Until recently he has been doing CrossFit at a competitive level, but has cut back a lot as his body can no longer cope with the strain of competing. This means Christian is currently in a phase of his ‘training life’ where he's more focused on maintaining his current fitness, rather than getting stronger, faster or bigger. 

Christian's favourite workout clothes to make sure he hits the ground running consist of a pair of Motion Shorts combined with a Pace Longsleeve for the cold days in the gym. On warmer days it is mainly the Motion T-shirt Christian always goes for.

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