SAYSKY running fleece jackets for both men and women

SAYSKY running fleece jackets are created for the runner who wants to keep warm and comfortable during the colder months but doesn't want to comprise on quality or style. In the winter season, it's very important to stay warm during your entire run - without being too uncomfortable.

Our running fleece jackets are created for both men and women and are made from soft and sweat-wicking material. Therefore, your only concern should be to put one foot in front of the other. Use our running fleece jackets when the temperature is seriously dropping and the winter darkness is upon us. You can also use our fleece jackets as an outer layer when you are on the way to the gym, on your way home from a run or yoga.

Below, we have gathered an overview for you, where you can read all about: 

  • SAYSKYDRY performance material 
  • Remain warm
  • Be seen in the dark 
  • Additional information and recommendations 

SAYSKYDRY performance material

All our running fleece jackets are manufactured from a SAYSKYDRY performance material, which has great sweat-wicking abilities and a super soft touch. Our running fleece jackets are designed for both men and women, and the fit is athletic and will therefore fit slightly tighter. This, we personally believe will create the ideal balance between breathability and comfort, especially if you are wearing a layer beneath the fleece that should keep you warm. 

The material is furthermore created from a waffle fleece fabric, which gives you the optimal heat protection, but at the same time offers you a breathable feeling. 

If you are seriously freezing, we recommend you take a look at our merino wool accessories. These will block the wind and cold on the most exposed areas, such as the neck, ears, and head. 

Remain warm

Our fleece material is durable and fast-drying, and you can use it again and again. Running in our fleece jackets will give you a dry feeling and will give you the warmth, you need in the wind and cold.

A lot of our fleece jackets feature a half-zip, allowing you to open and close for more air as you wish. In addition, you can also use our scarves under the fleece jacket. We have designed the fleece jackets with a longer back, to give you the best protection possible.

The SAYSKY running fleece jackets are manufactured from stretchable material, suitable for all body types. We personally believe that the fleece jackets should fit a little bit tight, without being too tight, to create the optimal balance between comfort and breathability. 

The benefits of the fleece jackets are, therefore: 

  • Sweat-wicking and breathable
  • Heat protection
  • Soft-touch and durable material 
  • Comfortable fit and feeling

Stay safe in the dark

Our running fleece jackets are equipped with small reflective details around the jacket, so you can be seen in the dark and not have to worry about your safety.

Wear our running fleece jackets under a jacket, or as the outer layer, depending on the weather and wind, and stay warm even in the harshest conditions! You can check all of our running jackets out here.

Great selection right here

The running fleece jackets are perfect for winter, where you only have to focus on getting the miles in and running those long runs. That's why our fleece jackets are perfectly suited to the runner who wants to stay warm and comfortable throughout the entire run - no matter how long it is. If you are interested in finding a pair of tights that fit the fleece jacket or take a look at the rest of our running clothes we offer on our website, you can do so right here.