saysky 3-legged mile

Beat the world record

Top4Running and SAYSKY invite you to join us for a fun evening in Berlin on March 17, where we’ll take on the unofficial 3-legged mile world record, as set by Citius Mag in 2020: 

Unofficial 3-Legged Mile World Record:

5 minutes 22 seconds

The official Guinness world record is 6:52 – but who really cares about that, when there’s a faster time to beat. If you already know about faster times out there, please let us know, and we’ll update the challenge and credited merits right away:

The concept

  1. Find a running buddy
  2. Tie two of your legs together right above the ankles (maximum 20cm distance)
  3. Run 4 laps around the track (1mile / 1600m)
  4. … preferably without falling or getting injured
  5. Cross the finish line and celebrate in style


  • Find a running buddy that matches your height and stride length
  • Take a few practice laps – trust us when we say that it’s harder than it looks
  • If you need more inspiration, then check out the unofficial word record footage
  • Have fun and remember it’s all in good spirit 

saysky 3-legged mile


It’s FREE to join and we’ll try to accommodate as many teams as possible – just register below. There’ll most likely also be time for multiple attempts if you have the stamina for it. We might even go for a grand show-down between some of the fastest teams if they’re up for it. Registration closes on March 15 – or earlier if we have enough teams pre-registered. So don’t sleep on it.


Race Day

  • Date: March 17
  • Meet-up: Top4Running, Albrechtstr. 132, 12163 Berlin
  • Sign-in: 18.30 – 19.00

We’ll meet up at the Top4Running store, where you’ll sign-in and be given your bib and band for the race. Then, social jog to the nearby track at 19.00 for the unofficial fastest 3-legged mile word record attempts.

After (hopefully) smashing the record – repeatedly – we’ll return to the store for celebratory snacks, beers, and reward ceremony.


Fastest team of the night:

  • 2 x 100€ SAYSKY gift cards + 2 x SAYSKY caps
  • 2 x 100€ Top4Running gift cards
  • 2 x professionel Currex 5D analysis by specialists in sports medicine

Every team who breaks the world record:

  • 2 x 50€ SAYSKY gift cards + 2 x SAYSKY water bottles
  • 2 x 50€ Top4Running gift cards

Virtual Record Attempts

We highly encourage everyone to get going with the training and already now take shots at the standing record. You can document your attempts via Instagram by uploading a video of your run, together with a Strava (or similar) screendump of your registered time - and then tag with #3leggedmile so we can keep up.


Always feel free to reach out here with any questions:

saysky 3-legged mile


By registering for this event, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk and that Top4Running and SAYSKY cannot be held accountable for any injuries sustained before, during or after the race.