Formula Saysky

FORMULA SAYSKY is a circuit-based team race – taking place at Racehall, the world’s biggest indoor go-kart track, on February 25th, 2023, Copenhagen. 

The concept is simple: two people on a team, with 45 minutes on the clock and no breaks or transitions – where the goal is to get as many laps as possible on the 850m race circuit. No need to hold hands though, as it is the the combined lap score of the team that counts in the end.

It’ll require great handling in the turns, loads of tempo changes, and a low center of gravity to take home the trophy. Expect the go-kart turned running track, to be a true inferno of smoke, laser lights, and loud music – giving you a unique race experience, unlike anything you’ve tried before.

You’ll find more practical info about the course, race format and other nice-to-know stuff further down. Register here. For questions:


  • Circuit-based racing in teams of two.
  • Divisions: mix / women / men (everybody run at the same time).
  • Time cap / format: 45 minutes – as many completed 850m laps as possible.
  • If the lap score is tied after 45 minutes, the advantage goes to the runner who crossed the finish line first on their last lap.
  • You don’t need to run and hold hands, as it is the combined lap score that counts in the overall championship.
  • The track is completely flat with 22 varied turns and 850 in optimal distance (1250m if you take all the big turns)
  • The track is also 13m wide and thus with plenty of space for all 300 runners (max capacity)
  • There is practically no GPS signal in the hall, so leave your watch at home for once – on run on your gut feelings and lactate acid in your legs. We have professional timekeeping, with live updates and plenty of split times afterwards.

Formula Saysky


FORMULA SAYSKY debuts in 2023 – giving you the opportunity to return home as the inaugural course record holder: most completed laps in 45 minutes.

However, with the course and format being new to everyone – you can use the below as inspiration for tactics and ambitions on the day (average pace = approx. number of completed 850m laps):

  • 3:15 pace = 16 laps
  • 3:30 pace = 15 laps
  • 3:45 pace = 14 laps
  • 4:00 pace = 13 laps
  • 4:15 pace = 12 laps
  • 4:30 pace = 11 laps
  • 4:45 pace = 11 laps
  • 5:00 pace = 10 laps
  • 5:15 pace = 10 laps
  • 5:30 pace = 9 laps
  • 5:45 pace = 9 laps
  • 6:00 pace = 8 laps

Formula SayskyFormula SayskyFormula SayskyFormula Saysky