SAYSKY Fight Club

SAYSKY Fight Club is an underground league-style race, where the distance and location are secret, but expect short and explosive battles in order to stay on top. You win - you're promoted. You lose - you're relegated. It’s simple, quick and street dirty. Look below for upcoming races:


Practical Elements:

  • Only 30 spots – Free to apply
  • League-style system with promotion and relegation after each fight
  • For the first round, you'll be divided into random groups and you'll then race for your placement in the different leagues. I.e. if you win, you'll start in League 1, if you finish second, you'll start in League 2, etc.
  • Following this we'll continue with the promotion/relegation format:
  • You win, you're promoted to the league above you
  • You lose, you're relegated to the league below you
  • The ultimate winner will be crowned after a final showdown between the top league contestants
  • The distance and format will vary each round – but expect short, explosive and sharp turns on everything between 100m-300m
  • Men and women fight on equal terms
  • SAYSKY Gift Card for the winner


You will meet up at the announced location (where bagdrop is possible) and then we jog together to the unknown fight spot, where you will be called out when it’s your turn to fight (run).

Everybody jogs back to the meetup point.