SAYSKY celebrations

A Celebratory SAYSKY Weekend


Our German SAYSKY stars defended their championship title and reclaimed the team gold at the half marathon nationals in Hannover this weekend. Well done guys. Peep their results below:

3rd place: Philipp Baar (1:05:48)
7th place: Paul Schmidt (1:07:39)
14th place: Andreas Straßner (1:08:07)

Coach Sebastian Reinwand was on pacing duty for the lead woman, while spotting our F*cking Singlet on national TV.

SAYSKY Chief Lars C. Pedersen was also throwing down in Germany this weekend with a classic post-expo race performance. Berlin Half was taken care of in 1:25 after a couple of great days on the expo. Curious eyes might spot the race outfit on the cover picture, which will be available online in a few weeks.

SAYSKY Athlete Philipp Baar

SAYSKY Athlete Paul Schmidt

SAYSKY Athlete Strassi

SAYSKY Athlete Sebastian Reinwand

Pictures by (SAYSKY Athlete pictures) and Ruben Elstner (cover picture).