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Get out of the Winter slump

You know it all too well! It’s January and all that “new year, new me” is seriously getting on your nerves. But you can’t seem to pick yourself up from the Winter slump, although you planned to do so. Especially, when the dark is just never ending, the cold is striking, and you’re shivering just by the thought of going outside.

In this article, we have put together our absolute best tips for you – and trust us, we have a hard time going out of the door in the Winter as well. So, we definitely feel you! The motivational and mental part is indeed a big start to getting out of the Winter slump and we have gathered our most important tips for you to find purpose in the process right here


Below, you will be able read more about the following tips:

  • Stick to a plan
  • Find a training buddy
  • Eat well
  • Write it down
  • Reward yourself
  • Set goals
  • Additional information and recommendations


Stick to a plan

One of the most effective ways to get yourself to the gym, or outside the door for a run, is to plan ahead.

Simply plan the day before you are training. Pack your back, lay your clothes on your floor, prepare your breakfast or dinner etc. By planning and prepping you will likely find it easier to get out in the morning or after work.

Another great way to get out of the Winter slump is to schedule your training in your calendar. This way you can get notifications on your phone and even alerts that will keep you accountable for your planning.

However, we encourage you to not get too eager when starting your training. This could lead to injuries or you could eventually burn out. Here, you can read about our best tips when the bad luck is striking.  


Find a training buddy

This we know works! Find a person that motivates you to get out and get the work done. It’s always harder to skip the training when you know that your friend or colleague is waiting for you.

Going to the gym or going outside for a run can be boring. Due to that boredom and because people don’t see results immediately, we likely feel less motivated to carry on and therefore we give up. By having a partner or a friend that you can share these moments with, it’ll be less boring and keep you encouraged to get out of the door more.


Eat well

Its proven that if you get the right vitamins and nutrients, you will likely feel better with your body and overall self-image, and you will most importantly have more energy during your day. You can’t out-train a poor diet. Diet is the key to recovery – and you need protein, carbs and fat after hard training.

Researchers have recommended for years that we should eat a proper breakfast that consists of protein, carbs and fats. If we eat breakfast, we will stay fueled for longer and this can impact your choices of food later during the day. This means you won’t necessarily reach out for the sugar at 3 PM.

Another great tip is to remember to get your Vitamin D as well. During the Summer the sun provides us with plenty of the vitamin. However, in the colder months where the sun is hiding or never showing, you will need a little extra for your immune function and bone health. Great sources of Vitamin D come from eggs, meat and oily fish (such as salmon, sardines and/or mackerel). 

Want to learn more about the best nutrition tips? Head over to our guide here and get ready to be inspired with our most important recovery tricks for you.  


Write it down

Find a way to enjoy your training and the results will come!

A great way to see your results and look into all the hard work you have done is to track it and write it down. This will also boost your motivation and will keep your accountable.

True willpower will show when you have the will to do something that is important to you. Find out why you are doing something, write it down and put it somewhere you can easily see it.

You can also write down how you feel after your training sessions. This way you can go back and take a look at those awesome feelings and trainings you had when you are not in the mood or seriously want to quit.


Reward yourself

If you are seeing results and working as hard as you can, you should definitely reward yourself. Make sure you give yourself a treat every now and then and make sure you’re not depriving you of the things you enjoy.

Training should be fun and overall health should always be put first! Training doesn’t mean that you have to get out of the door every day. Don’t drown yourself in the the-more-training-the-better mentality and don’t compare you to others. This is one of our best recommendations – your journey matters. Not everyone else. 

Remember, everything is fine in moderation, so if you know you worked hard all week go ahead and treat yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean food, it can also be a day in the spa, a weekend treat or something third. 


Set goals

Start with small bits! Most people tend to give up because they take on too much pressure. When the task is too big, it will feel less enjoyable and it will feel too overwhelming to do.

Break your training down to small chunks and plan a week ahead. This way you can suit your calendar and you will feel motivated and happy although you only went out for 20 min or went to the gym for half an hour.

Likewise, if you plan a big goal ahead in 2020, you will find it easier to get up in the morning because you see it in a bigger perspective. Find a race, a dream weight or something third that will hold you accountable for 2020 and start plan. When you are out those early mornings and late evenings, remember why you are doing this and that the outcome is worth it. Read our latest guide on the pain you feel in training and that it actually can be good. Head over to the guide here


Additional information and recommendations

If you ever lack motivation, you should visit our journal, where we regularly update you with the latest news, best training tips, motivation for workout and so on. This is a great way to stay motivated and while you are at it, you can take a look on our guides – this is for you who can’t get enough of tips and tricks from the best!

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