SAYSKY Human Driven

Human Driven by SAYSKY

In a world where everything is increasingly mechanic and digital, we forget to stop and appreciate the human element in keeping the world running. 

Human Driven is a reminder of what we can accomplish by our own willpower and that nothing can or should stop us from running. Because in running, it’s the inner engine that drives us towards our goal and nothing else.

Passion can’t be automated. It takes true dedication and drive. And that’s also why SAYSKY is driven by real humans and passion in order to pass on authentic energy and enthusiasm in every single product and every single run.


The Human Driven Run Commute
Nicklas and Simon from the SAYSKY HQ challenged themselves to document their run commute to work with nothing but their phones, while taking on the bikes and cars of Copenhagen - and ultimately show that we're human driven.



SAYSKY Autumn/Winter 2020: Human Driven
The Human Driven series is part of the second AW20 delivery, launching on September 4 right here. Look out for the bold orange tee's and the new run commute backpack to take you from A to B.


SAYSKY Human Driven