Run or Die - the ultimate declaration of love

Run or Die - the ultimate declaration of love

Run or Die is the ultimate declaration of love to the state of running. Running is more than just a sport to us. It’s the essential ingredient to life. Something you can’t live without. Something that makes life better. It makes you better. To run is to live.

Every step matters. A progression that brings you closer to your goal. Running is a privilege, a mentality and state of mind that can take you everywhere at every time. Running is the ultimate freedom. Enjoy every single step of the way.

In this video we’re following Nicklas, a passionate runner, full-time student and soon to be father and husband - on a cold session in January. The feature is narrated by Nicklas himself, talking about his love for the sport of running and why it keeps him going in life.

See the video below and get inspired by Nicklas.

Nicklas on why he loves to run

I run because I love to hate it – and hate to love it. The fact that I push myself, my body and my mind by doing something so simple as ‘just’ running, is motivating to the point where no other coach has been able to bring me.

Running has shown me that if I push myself I become better- even though it’s only 2 degrees, windy and rainy - then it’s still the best because I feel progression. To me it’s a way of proving myself, but also proving to myself - that if I can run 5, 10 or 15K in all sorts of weather, then I will be able to handle everything else in my everyday life.

To me it’s important that I have a goal with running. I have to beat my own PB or reach a certain number of kilometers a year - not because it’s important. But because this is what will make me go for a run at 10 pm on a cold and rainy January night, just to bank up this week’s kilometers. It becomes a game to me where I HAVE to win - because right next to me are all the people who reached their goal, and I want to become a part of these people.

Of course there are bad days, but without these you wouldn’t be able to feel the grind - and a famous Italian football coach once said:

I’d rather you’d lose 5-0 with your life at stakes, than 1-0 without showing heart, courage and passion’’

To me that’s running. 

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