SAYSKY racing

SAYSKY 10k Global Leaderboard: #SAYSKYRACING is not cancelled




This is instalment no. 7 in the #SAYSKYRACING is NOT Cancelled series. We'll drop a new challenge every week to keep you guys going over the summer.


Challenge: 10k Global Leaderboard

Last week we crowned the fastest 5k racer in the global SAYSKY community - this weekend (June 11 - June 15), we go double up on the pain and distance. 10k all out. No prior achievements accepted. We're only interested in your current corona shape.


The winners and overall leaderboard remain secret throughout the challenge period. We'll announce everything shortly after the challenge has ended. We have rewards for the top 3 men and women, plus a lottery for all challenge finishers:
  • First place: 100€ gift card and justified bragging rights
  • Second place: a short sleeve t-shirt of your own choosing
  • Third place: a 3-pack of socks of your own choosing
  • Lottery: 5 x 50€ gift cards


How to register and take part in the race/lottery:

  • Race period: June 11 - June 15.
  • Submit your result before June 16, 9.00am CEST.
  • Upload a picture on your Instagram feed showing your 10k time. This can be a Strava screenshot or picture of your GPS watch (it doesn't need to be the first image shown, since we know that you care about your feed).
  • Remember to include #SAYSKYRACING in the caption.


No - you do not get a medal, finisher tee, diploma or race bib for this challenge. It's just you and your GPS watch against the rest of the SAYSKY community. Also, all winners (top 3 + lottery) will be contacted directly and announced here.


Lottery Winners

  • Sergio Moreno
  • Janine Eichfelder
  • Josh Engel
  • Jamies Running
  • Natasha Martin