Running to work with the Saysky Commuter Backpack 12L

Running to work with the Saysky Commuter Backpack 12L

If you commute to work by running, our very popular Running Commuter Backpack 12L would be ideal for you, and it is finally back in stock - with updated features, an improved fit and new colourways. 

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  • It is a 12 liter backpack with an integrated computer compartment, to secure high protection and stability while moving.
  • The padded back gives more comfort on the run, and creates air vents on the back to improve ventilation while running.
  • The backpack comes in both a camo and reflective universe print with SAYSKY logo, and has reflective features for higher visibility.
  • Furthermore, it has plenty of pockets to carry everything you need for your run; phone, camel bag, and outfit of the day.
  • The backpack is easily adjustable, and the chest strap is stretchable to ensure high comfort and a perfect fit. The backpack is composed with both vertical and horizontal straps to prevent bounce. 
  • It is made in a waterproof material and with waterproof zippers to keep your belongings dry.

Pro tip - stack heavy stuff on top of the back for best comfort, stability, and a better running experience.

Don’t forget that our Saysky Backpack Collection also includes a Light Running Backpack 8L for trail runs, longer-distance - and fast commute run, and a Bum bag for smaller trips, hiking and everyday essential belongings.