SAYSKY racing


This is instalment no. 4 in the #SAYSKYRACING is NOT Cancelled series. We'll drop a new challenge every week to keep you guys going.



Hands down, this is one of the challenges we've been looking forward to the most, while cooking up the #SAYSKYRACING series. High-fives are banned for the time being (thank you Corona), so what better way to keep the spirits high, than to encourage virtual hand gestures in stead.

We challenge you to be creative with your running splits throughout the week so that they form one or more of the below hand gestures:

SAYSKY racing

The more split gestures you create, the greater your chances of winning one of five Paradise Combat Tee's. The winners are randomly selected via a lottery, where every split gesture submitted will give you an extra entry in the ballot. Bonus: complete all 7 split gestures and get a free pair of Combat High Socks with your next order.


Race Notes:

  • Period: May 15 - May 21
  • Strava is required to create the graphic split gesture. If you don't know how this works, then ask one of your real running friends.
  • Submit before May 22, 9.00am CEST.


How to register and take part in the lottery:

  • Upload a picture on your Instagram feed showing your split gesture (it doesn't need to be the first image shown, since we know that you care about your feed).
  • Remember to include #SAYSKYRACING in the caption.
  • Please only register once, so if you intend to submit several split gestures, then hold back and do it at the same time.



  • Iwona Gray-Cauvin
  • Philip Ainsley
  • Heym Johannes
  • Zoe Clark
  • Renata Poljanac