Stroller stories - featuring Alex & Karen Sofie

Stroller stories - featuring Alex & Karen Sofie


Meet Alex, a true SAYSKY veteran, marathoner, ironman & father. He’s a true sports fanatic and thrill-seeker that has been rocking our gear since way back when we launched our first triathlon line over 10-years ago.

We wondered how an enthusiast like Alex keeps his active lifestyle going after becoming a dad. So, we caught up with him on his morning run with his daughter to hear his story. No GPS, just the silence of an early morning and being present in the moment. With the little one in the stroller, we set out to spot ducks before dropping her off at daycare.

In the interview, Alex explains how he’s now getting to share his joy for running with his daughter by running with a stroller, and how it helps him maintain an active lifestyle while spending quality time with his family. A true inspiration for many parents seeking to become more active in their demanding day-to-day life.

You can read the entire interview by scrolling down the page, or see some of Alex’ favourite running essentials for stroller running right here.

What inspired you to begin running with a stroller, and how did you get started with combining parenting and running? 

When you’ve been a big sports addict your whole life, the challenge arose to combine two things you prioritize highly: engaging in sports and being a present father. Running, for me, is not just about exercise, but also something I enjoy doing with people - whether it’s with friends or colleagues, as the joy during or after is undeniable. I was determined to transfer that joy into the relationship between Karen Sofie and I. 

Afterward, it became an integrated part of our parental leave, going to and from the swimming pool, around the city, and a unique tool for a long nap around the airport. Across all the sports I’ve pursued, running provides the greatest flexibility, as the equipment requirements are extremely low, and it can be done out the door at any time of the day or night. 

Could you share some insights into your training routine and how you prepare for longer endurance runs with the little one in the stroller? 

When engaging in sports with children, the art lies in finding the balance of what conditions govern your run and then planning the ambitions of the run accordingly. As we know, both myself and a young child function best with balanced blood sugar levels, so we never set off without the worst hunger and thirst being taken care of. Additionally, dressing appropriately is crucial and requires a little extra check on the weather forecast, along with bringing an extra jacket along for the journey. 

Fundamentally, I've been focused on making it a positive experience everytime we go out, which means snack stops, stopping up to play along the way, and time to talk about what we experience on the road - rather than just putting in headphones with the latest podcast. Often we go without GPS, just focusing on being present in the moment and enjoying each other's company. 

If you’re convinced it will be a success, chances are it will be. 

How do you manage to balance running with your family life, and what does it mean to you that you get to share your passion with your child? 

Like everything else, it’s about priorities and the determination to invest in making it something fantastic that we can share together - and something we both look forward to on a weekly basis.

I often take advantage of times during the day and weekend when we are alone. Either early in the morning on weekends, on the way home from daycare, or before bedtime. Sometimes we put on pajamas and brush our teeth, and the evening's bedtime routine starts in the running stroller. She often falls asleep after a couple of kilometers, and then I just carry her to bed when we get home. 

Engaging in sports with people I care about, regardless of the sport, is one of the best things I know. Beyond the performance element itself, the time before, during, and after is magical in its own way. Being able to enjoy this with my child already, and thinking about the experiences and runs we will have together in the future, means a lot. 

Sharing one’s favourite thing with people you care about elevates everything to a higher level. 

Besides quality time, what do you hope your daughter gains from running with you? 

I firmly believe that there are multiple aspects to running with your child beyond just quality time with their father. Without it being an element of parenting, I believe that 10-15 kilometers in a running stroller brings joy but certainly also boredom. Even at just under 2 years old, I think that learning to be bored and understanding that life isn’t always on her terms is a healthy aspect of life. 

Despite her young age, I am convinced that experiencing the world through sports and activity is incredibly beneficial in the long run. There is a significant social aspect to running with others, whether you’re the person running or the child in the stroller.

Lastly, there is a small hope in me that one day we will race together. Everything from short, fast and long races in the future. Being able to compete with myself and with my child is hopefully a whole new world that will open up. 

What advice would you give to parents who are considering taking up stroller running or participating in running events with their children? 

It’s much more simple than it looks! 

Whether you’re an experienced runner or not, it takes some time getting used to running with the stroller, but that should not hold you back at all. 

Equipment isn’t everything, but a good running stroller benefits everyone. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, but when I see people running with regular strollers, I can already sense that the experience will not be the same for either the runner or the child. 

Like any other sport, the returns are absolutely fantastic regardless of ambition level, speed, or distance. Engaging in and experiencing all the wonderful aspects of running with your child is something I can only recommend that you start with as soon as possible. 

After becoming a dad, running has been a bit different for Alex. But even 10 years later, he’s still rocking SAYSKY with a proud heart. You can see some of his favourite items for running right here.