The 130km relay project: Møns Klint to Copenhagen

What happens when racing is off and there’s nothing serious holding us to our training plans? You come up with fun running projects to keep you entertained and challenged – in ways you normally wouldn’t do.

The quick stat recap:
Runners: 5
Distance: 130km
Moving time: 9:32:19
Average pace: 4:24/km
Elevation: 842m
Calories: 13.061

See the full Strava workout here.



The 130km relay project

Back in July, Nicklas and Simon from the SAYSKY office huddled up a few of their friends, to complete a 130km 5-man relay from Møns Klint to Copenhagen. However, none of these guys are serious mileage freaks, nor used to running over the course of a day. So, they knew from the get-go that it would most likely hurt down the road.

They drove off from Copenhagen early in the morning to start the relay from the picturesque and iconic Møns Klint at 7.00am – rain already pouring down and a seemingly long way to go.

How it went down

The rules and ambitions were pretty simple: reach Copenhagen and the 130km mark within a 10-hour time-cap – taking turns running with the team GPS watch (if it’s not on Strava, it doesn’t count right?).

In short, always one runner on the road, while the four others were being transported in the car to the next transition point.

Course-planning was done on the go, with the next runner in line ultimately putting down the upcoming transition point on the map – based on the agreed-upon leg distance at the time.


There’s beauty in the grind

The rain was pretty much pouring down throughout the entire relay-period, which somehow only provided an extra kick – especially in the latter stages, when it started to hurt. What started as legs of 5km, was eventually reduced to 4km and finally 3km per runner – in order to keep the pace and ease the aching joints. Afterall, it does take its toll, to be cramped in a car in between laps – and having to jump-start the cold legs every time.

But, as you say, there’s beauty in the grind, and eventually the five-man team made it all the way to Copenhagen within the 10-hour time-cap.

But there were no celebratory beers this time around. The boys were too tired, wet, cold and looking forward to a proper meal, after having been fueled by energy drinks and 50 shades of chocolate throughout the day.

They’ll be back for a re-match in Spring.

Christoffer John Hansen (@donhanol)
Frederik John Hansen (@Lord_John_John)
Nicklas Beran Berström (@nicklasberan)
Nicklas Fenger (@nicklasfenger)
Simon Caspersen (@simoncaspersen)