Where to run in Amsterdam SAYSKY running guide

Where to run in Amsterdam

Having just been cruising the streets of Amsterdam for the SAYSKY Sub Rosa race, it seemed logical to tie this into our third instalment in the where-to-run series. The local tips are brought to you by Running Junkies crew co-founder Ryan Tjin.

The guide will set you up with guidelines to the following:
  1. Best scenic/tourist run
  2. Best long run
  3. Best tempo run
  4. Best interval run
  5. Best park run
  6. Best route for soft surface
  7. General recommendations/tips

Where to run in Amsterdam SAYSKY running guide

Amsterdam Running Guide

Ryan's been running with great passion since he co-founded the Running Junkies now almost nine years ago. They're all about empowering people to run together and sharing their struggles to become stronger and able to tackle whatever comes their way. We take our hats off to that!

Amsterdam's a great city for running as you'll find so many canals, rivers and parks to enjoy. Even the old city centre is perfect for running with sidewalks everywhere and bikelanes for the fast runners. You'll also find loads of water stations for hydration scattered all over the city.

1) Best scenic/tourist run

Start from Tjin’s near the Albert Cuyp market, then go towards the river and take a left turn up north. You'll pass Carré, take a picture on the ‘Magere Brug’ and then continue past the Hermitage Museum and the Stopera. Cross the Blauw Brug towards Rembrandt Square and take a picture between the Nightwatch statues. Proceed trough Reguliers Breestraat and see our most beautiful cinema (go inside). At Munt pass trough Kalverstraat and take the first left into Heilige Weg. (This used to be the start of the Road to Sloterdijk). Run into Leidsestraat and wait for the tram to race against it. At the end of the street pass Leidseplein and bank left into Max Eeuweplein. Cross the bridge into Vondelpark. Get out of the park on the first exit on the left and run towards Museumplein. Pass the American Consulate and run into Johannes Vermeerstraat. Cross the bridge and wave to the ladies in the red light windows on your right. Ahead, you'll see the Albert cuyp market again. Approximately 6k route.

2) Best long run

Start at the Stopera and go down the river and go around Ronde Hoep, when you’re at Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. You can also decide to go back at the bridge, which would cut-off the 34km to a mere 16km.

3) Best tempo run

From the central station you can run towards Java eiland/KNSM eiland and back - or join the fast as f*ck group at the Running junkies running tuesdays at 19:30.

4) Best interval run

Thursdays on the Arsenal track at 19:00 hours. Bring beer, they appreciate it.

5) Best park run

Vondelpark is really crowded, but still very decent - or Westerpark/De Bretten if you want to be alone.

6) Best route for soft surface

Amsterdam beach “Zandvoort” and go running trough the Waterleidingduinen.

7) General recommendations/tips

Go anywhere, but stay off the highway.

Where to run in Amsterdam SAYSKY running guide