SAYSKY Running base layers and running underwear for men and women

When running your outfit is crucial to secure the best experience and comfort and as the temperature changes and the colder weather hits, it can be difficult to put together the best-suited outfit. Our SAYSKY running base layers are designed to make layering easier all year round to accommodate your needs while still running in style. Below we have gathered the information you need about the different base layers we offer. You will be able to read about:

  • Mesh base layering
  • Merino wool base layering

Mesh base layering

Mesh is great for all year layering, as it is not as warm as merino, and more suitable for the transitional season where you need lighter protection. Use our mesh base layering styles underneath a jacket or a tee depending on how cold it is. Mesh is also great for hot days as the fabric will keep you dry and comfortable when you are working hard. Our base layer mesh styles have a tight fit, are super breathable, and have a soft inner feel. The perfect styles for extra elemental protection.

Our combat and pace tops can also be used as layering options, check them out here.

Merino wool base layering

Merino wool is great for winter running layering due to its ability to block the cold and still being breathable at the same time. The styles have a relaxed and tight fit and can be worn by both men and women. All SAYSKY merino running styles are made from 100% Australian merino wool and they will keep you warm and dry whether you are running, on your way to work, in the gym, or just using it for everyday activities. Merino wool is both extremely durable and naturally odor-resistant – the perfect warm base layer for all runners. 

Check out our full merino wool range here.

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Our running base layers are a must-have for chilly and cold days, and you can wear them underneath our great jackets or tees. Click here to find our cool running jackets or here to see our big selection of tees to wear on top of your base layer. This will definitely bring you through the winter in style and warmth.