SAYSKY running tights and running pants for men and women

SAYSKY running tights and running pants are made from the best materials, so you only have to worry about performing your very best. These are for the runners who don't want to compromise on quality or style.

When the temperature drops, it's nice to wear a pair of running tights or running pants that will keep the cold out and ensure you stay warm throughout your run. You can also wear them in the gym, on your Sunday stroll, at work, or at home. Our tights are very soft and comfortable to wear.

Below we have gathered an overview for you, where you can read all the benefits of our running tights and pants. You will be able to read about: 

  • SAYSKYDRY performance material
  • The tights and pants we offer
  • Staying warm 
  • Be seen in the dark 
  • Additional information and recommendations

SAYSKYDRY performance material

All our running tights and pants are made from a SAYSKYDRY performance material that has a high sweat repellent effect and will feel extremely comfortable, light, and warm to wear. Our running tights are designed with stretchable material and will feel nice to wear. At the same time, we have made sure that the fit is athletic and tight-fitting, so you can get the most out of the sweat-wicking effect they have. You will also achieve great freedom of movement with our tights because the wind resistance is reduced, as they fit close to your skin.

Blaze tights, Combat Tights or pants?

We offer different kinds of tights and pants for you on our website. To make it easy for you, we have gathered a little overview below, so you can navigate through our different styles.

  • Combat Tights: Our Combat Tights are a pair of lightweight tights that are perfect for the transitional seasons. They are warm enough to wear during the winter, but will also be cold enough to wear in the summer. The Combat Tights are very stretchable and will feel soft on your skin.   

  • Blaze Tights: The warmest pair of tights we offer is our blaze tights. These are made from a thick fabric and are brushed inside. This means that you will be able to get through the toughest conditions wearing these, as they will ensure a great fit and a warm and comfortable feeling. 

  • Pants: In addition to our running tights, we also offer our very popular running pants: the Pace and Blaze Pants, which are a pair of running pants that fit every occasion. You can run in them, wear them over your shorts, in the gym, at work or anywhere you prefer. They will feel extremely soft and easy to wear, and as soon as you try them on, you will have a hard time taking them off again! Trust us. 

All of our running tights and running pants are created for both men and women, but we also offer a series of running tights and shorts for women on our website. These are stretchable and very soft to wear, and they are designed with a wider waistband for better comfort.

Stay warm throughout the run

If you love to run during the winter and fall, our running tights will make sure you stay dry and warm all the way. Our running tights and running pants ensure fantastic heat isolation without being too uncomfortable to wear. Take them for a spin and feel the difference for yourself. 

We have created our running tights in a durable material that allows you to use them over and over again. You can choose from different types of tights on our website, depending on the season and temperature.  


Be seen in the dark

Our running tights and running pants are equipped with small reflective details around the legs, so you can be seen in the dark and not have to worry about your safety.

Wear our tights and pants when the temperature drops and you want to stay warm even in the harshest conditions! If you want to find a matching jacket for your tights, check all our running jackets out here. These are a perfect match during the cold and will easily become your new best friend along with our running tights. Match the jacket with one of our running t-shirts

Additional information and recommendations

All our running tights and pants can be used all year round, whether you want to stay warm and dry, or just have a nice layer on your skin. If you are interested in shopping the rest of our running clothes, you can do so right here.