SAYSKY running shorts for men and women

SAYSKY running shorts are manufactured from the best materials, so your only concern should be to perform your best. When you are running it's important that both material and fit is ideal. The last thing you want to focus on when you are running is how the clothes fit, whether it chafes the skin or in any other way irritates you.

Therefore, you wish to find the ideal pair of shorts, where the comfort is on point and where the material is not getting too heavy and uncomfortable to wear because of sweat.

We have gathered an overview for you below where you can read about all the advantages of our running shorts. You will be able to read about: 

  • SAYSKYDRY performance material 
  • The different kinds of shorts we offer 
  • Additional information and recommendations

SAYSKYDRY performance material

All our running shorts are made from a SAYSKYDRY performance material, which has a light and soft effect, while at the same time having great sweat-wicking abilities that will keep you dry and comfortable all the way through. We offer running shorts for both men and women, and you can also use our men's shorts as a unisex pair. The fit on all our running shorts is athletic and we personally believe that this creates the perfect conditions for performance, because a tighter fit will give you increased breathability and will reduce wavering from the wind. 

Besides being created to run fast, all our shorts are designed in casual and cool colors. If you wish to find a running t-shirt that matches your shorts, you can shop the entire collection here.

Pace shorts, combat shorts, or 2-in-1 shorts? 

We offer three different kinds of running shorts on our website. In our overview below, we will explain further: 

  • Pace shorts: The pace shorts has become a bestseller since the very beginning - and for good reasons. These shorts are a classic pair of running shorts that are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are created with four-way stretch material and the fit is tight to ensure that they won't wave in the wind.
  • Combat shorts: Another great pair of shorts, is our combat shorts that are made straight up for racing and competition! These are a classic example of a split short, which is made from a soft and lightweight material. Our combat shorts offer you great freedom of movement, while at the same time being very lightweight. 
  • 2-in-1 shorts: The 2-in-1 shorts are great for the runner who looks for a little more protection. These come with a longer inner short and by wearing these, you would reduce the chaffering on the skin that often can happen during your run. 

Additional information and recommendations

All our running shorts are suitable all year around. When the temperature is dropping and the wind seems harsher, we offer our running tights during the Winter. You will find the biggest selection of SAYSKY running shorts right here on this site and if you wish to look at all our running clothes, you can do so here.